Triquetral Fracture

Scaphoid Fracture

patients had fractures of the distal radius, the radial styloid or ulnar styloid bones, the triquetral bone, or the trapezium bone; and 205 (89%) had soft tissue injuries. These studies show that treating patients with scaphoid fracture with scaphoid casts A fracture or broken bone is an example of a direct blow injury. The wrist is comprised of two bones called the radius and ulna. These bones along with the smaller carpal bones of the hand (triquetrum, pisiform, navicular, lunate, hamate, capitates Unless fracture is obvious or likely test -- The examiner stabilizes the lunate between a thumb and index finger and does the same with the triquetrum. A shearing between the bones is accomplished by moving the bones in opposite directions (i.e The wrist is composed of eight bones arranged in a proximal row (scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, and pisiform in isolation after wrist sprains or in combination with scaphoid fractures and carpal dislocations. Carpometacarpal joints - The distal carpal Previous adolescent wrist fracture/sprain was reported by 2 asymptomatic and Three intraosseous ganglia in the triquetrum were located adjacent to the attachment of the sheath of the distal extensor carpi ulnaris (ECU) tendon. Figure 1. During a lively game of football, basketball or baseball, a finger suddenly "jams," an entirely unscientific term to describe everything from a dislocation to a fracture Lunate bone, Triquetral bone. Source: American Medical Association Encyclopedia .

He denied any numbness or tingling. There are several diagnoses to consider with this injury and physical presentation: (1) metacarpal head, neck or shaft fractures; (2) carpal fractures; (3) joint dislocation; (4) hand contusion; (5) tendon An oyster sucks in particles from its environment and creates a pearl. If instead, it filters out every particle, it is destined to be a lesser being. In untold generations, the Sinhalese people were fashioned from extraditions, waves of invasions This fracture-dislocation, produced by a blow to the tip of the thumb, was described in 1881 by Edward Hallaran Bennett on the basis of his anatomical studies some 14 years before the discovery of x-rays. Figure 11-1 The position of the hand at rest. spine, CMF, and veterinary surgery, with the lead article providing an interesting overview on the Dynamic Locking Screw, developed to address delayed bone healing in distal tibia and femur fractures. .

Another Picture of Triquetral Fracture :

Scanner du poignet, reconstruction coronale.
Scanner du poignet, reconstruction coronale. .

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