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A Colles' fracture causes the wrist to become extended and shortened. Wrist fractures are common among children and the elderly. Children's bones are soft and tend to get buckle (torus) fractures. These are incomplete fractures on one side of the bone. If forces that produce the angled buckle fracture are more severe, a frank Salter-Harris type II fracture results. Buckle fractures in general most frequently occur in the wrist, ankle, and elbow. Thereafter, they occur around the knee and the shoulder but Answer: Wrist fractures are the most common fractures in Peewee and Bantam ice hockey players. In this age group can still be relatively soft compared to adults they can also “buckle” on impact with no major displacement of the bones. Parents are happy to hear that mounting evidence shows a removable splint is just as effective as a cast when treating one of the most common pediatric injuries — a buckle fracture near the wrist. Buckle fractures typically occur when children fall and "There are minor, or buckle, fractures of the wrist, particularly in toddlers and preschool "Yes, you can treat a child's buckle fracture with a splint, but I don't," Benson said. "In my experience, a child under 10 is not going to keep a splint Minor wrist, or buckle, fractures are common among children. They often occur when a child falls on an outstretched hand. Traditionally, physicians treat these incomplete bone fractures by covering the wrist to just below the elbow in a plaster cast for a .

"I thought, 'Do we really have to put these kids in a cast?' " Buckle fractures often occur when when a child falls and lands on an outstretched arm. About a third of all pediatric wrist fractures are buckle fractures. They often happen when a child falls On September 10th when Ian got off the bus at home his mother Shawna noticed Ian had injuries to his wrist. She took him to the E-R and she says x-rays revealed a possible buckle fracture to his wrist. Shawna said the doctor didn't think the injury was The most common fractures in children occur in the forearm and wrist. About 50 percent of all fractures in The simplest of these fractures is called a Taurus fracture or buckle fracture. What occurs during these injuries is the bone doesn’t actually Participants were randomly assigned to receive either a prefabricated wrist splint or a short arm cast were older than five days and those who had a buckle (torus), growth-plate or open fracture. We also excluded children at risk of pathologic .

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The major breakage is on the right side of the picture and the less -i150.photobucket.com
The major breakage is on the right side of the picture and the less

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