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It was so bright mom, so we grabbed your sunglasses!
It was so bright mom, so we grabbed your sunglasses!" Silly boys.

Barely a week later, Contador followed him out of the race, sustaining a hairline fracture of his left tibia when he fell on the descent of the Petit Ballon. Both men – eventually – turned up on the start line of the Vuelta a EspaƱa in Jerez and Milita, making his return from a hairline fracture in his tibia, ran for 70 yards on 15 carries Friday, and also hauled in the game-winning fourth-quarter score, reeling off a 47-yard catch and run with just 16 seconds remaining to beat the rival Owls. The dog suffered a hairline fracture to her right rear tibia and is receiving pain medication and resting at the PHS/SPCA facility in San Mateo until she recuperates. No one has come forward as her owner as of Thursday. After the humane society went public "He has damaged his posterior cruciate ligament and has a hairline fracture on his tibia. "It is a big blow for Grant and a big blow for the club. "While Grant is on the mend, we have reacted to it and we still give ourselves very good depth in the squad and a hairline fracture of his tibia plateau. Kidd will have to wait for the hairline fracture to heal itself before he can undergo surgery to repair the ACL and meniscus tears, followed by several months of physical therapy. Kidd mentions in the interview Treadwell, a projected starter, sustained a hairline fracture in his tibia during a non-contact drill and will miss four to five weeks, per offensive coordinator Dan Roushar. The injury should leave redshirt freshman Jack Allen to start along Sparty’s .

We have just had it confirmed this evening that Ranjaan (pictured with Ruby Walsh) has a small hairline fracture in his tibia, so is out of the Triumph Hurdle. It never rains, it pours. Earlier today, Paul updated on Kauto Star's recovery plan. Neptune But new research shows that runners can avoid stress or hairline fractures by shortening stride length by about 10 percent reduced stress on the tibia, hence reducing the likelihood of stress fracture. Why would shortening your stride make it safer A stress fracture of the fibula is a small fracture or hairline crack in the bone. It is not a common as a stress fracture of the tibia because the fibula is not used in load bearing in the same way. What causes a stress fracture of the fibula? Muscles Spokesman Scott Delucchi said X-rays showed the pup has a hairline fracture of the right rear tibia, an injury she likely got from jumping off a bed or couch or from someone stepping on her. He also said that staff bathed the dog and tried to get her pink .

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