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CONCLUSION: The Wagstaffe fracture can be a good diagnostic clue of ankle diastasis in Weber type B lateral malleolar fracture. The accurate reduction and fixation of the avulsed fragment is important for restoration of the stable distal tibiofibular joint This type of ankle injury is very rare as ankle dislocations almost always happen in conjunction with a fracture of the lateral malleolus, medial malleolus and/or the distal posterior aspect of the tibia. From watching the video of the injury, RGrIII’s After getting the x-ray confirmation that I actually broke my ankle (a Lateral Malleolus Fracture) Mike and I have had some serious refiguring to do. Dang! To have our momentum abruptly stopped and not be able to compete at the World Cups that we had so Hospitalspeak The patient was diagnosed with hairline fracture of left lateral malleolus (protuberances on either side of ankle) with lateral collateral ligament tear of right ankle and soft tissue injury of left knee, left wrist and right shoulder. I was able to make it back home and visited the emergency room with a diagnosis of right Lateral Malleolus Fracture. I recuperated and continued running without any further problems. In April of this year again I fractured the same area but rolled it just Patient information: See related handout on how to care for an ankle sprain, written by the is indicated if there is pain in the malleolar or midfoot zone, and either bone tenderness over an area of potential fracture (i.e., lateral malleolus, medial .

blocking ache occured in the upper lower part of the lateral malleolus. X-ray revealed no fractures, no rupture of ligaments, nor trusion of the ankle joint. The main point was Qiuxu(GB40) in the non-affected leg. Filiform needles (diameter: 0.38 mm This example was particularly puzzling, when you realize that they have a perfectly reasonable isolated Lateral Malleolus Fracture case that could have been used instead. Furthermore, some of these diagnoses don’t actually exist on the films like in this Take CPT code 20680 for instance; this code is used only one time to describe a unit of service based on a single fracture site or area of injury, even if multiple stab incisions were necessary to remove all of the hardware. Reporting 20680 multiple times The medial deltoid ligament is the primary stabilizing structure in the ankle joint following lateral malleolar fracture. However, medial deltoid ligament ruptures are difficult to diagnose using current imaging modalities. We hypothesized that .

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Case of the Month: Fracture cases at Harborview Medical Center
Case of the Month: Fracture cases at Harborview Medical Center
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