Pilon Fracture

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A comminuted fracture of the left fibula/tibia (ankle pilon type fracture) requiring multiple surgeries, after the use of an external fixator; A right lateral femoral condyle fracture (right knee) also requiring surgical repair; A left ulnar styloid (wrist Their general conclusion was that Pilon Fractures could have persistent and devastating consequences for patient-health and well-being. In approximately 30% of their patients, the injury prevented a return to work. The results of the follow-up observed in As a result of the crash, the victim suffered a distal fibular fracture and tibial Pilon Fracture to his left leg. He had to have a lateral side plate, screws and pins inserted in his leg. He also suffered a left ankle fracture. He has required two Examples include fractures of the distal radius, proximal tibial plateau, and distal tibial pilon. Because of their proximity to a joint and because the fragments are often small, it may be impossible to stabilize them with a nail or plate and screws. In the United Kingdom, about 15 open tibia fractures (shaft, plateau, and pilon) are treated at the average district general hospital serving a population of 25 000 each year, compared with 73 closed tibia fractures.1 Historically, most knowledge has He fell directly onto his feet, causing an open Pilon Fracture in his ankle or, as Anderson describes it, "separating his ankle from his leg."His fibula was jutting out of the wound, and his foot was only attached to his leg by skin.The photo was taken .

Exclusion criteria for this study were severe open fractures (Gustilo grade III), fractures with complicated joint involvement such as a severe pilon fracture, and fractures requiring intensive care or treatment in other departments. The 107 patients who Severe pilon fractures with trauma to the subtalar joint. The firm received multiple complaints from their user customers (surgeons) who reported encountering difficulty inserting a calcaneal or tibial screw through the holes of "Johnny suffered a pilon fracture, which is one of the most challenging fractures in orthopedics," said Rozbruch, the director of the limb lengthening and complex reconstruction service at HSS. "There's a very high complication rate and a high chance of When they pulled off the boot, it looked like scrambled eggs,'' Mr. Ferraro said. He suffered what is called a pilon fracture. It is also known as a hammer fracture, which tells you all you need to know. ''They looked at the ankle and told me it was all .

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