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Offaly manager Brian Whelahan has revealed how Rory Hanniffy played through 2014 with three Knee Fractures and lined out against Tipperary in the Championship ‘against all medical advice’. Veteran Hanniffy confirmed his retirement after 14 seasons with Such devastating leg injuries are not common in sports, but they can occur. The high-energy nature of some multi-ligament knee injuries and fractures of the bones around the knee can cause blood vessel and nerve damage. While these limb-threatening What is a transverse process fracture? Here is your answer. During the Dallas Cowboys’ loss to the Washington Redskins in Week 8 of the NFL regular season, quarterback Tony Romo took a knee to the back and was in obvious pain. Romo was taken from the After back surgery last year, he took a knee in the back during the team's Monday Night Football A Todd Archer report on Saturday for ESPN revealed Romo has two transverse process fractures in his back, but his status for the game is unchanged. Marc Gini fell during Sunday’s slalom training in Sweden hurting his right knee. On Monday, Gini flew back to Switzerland and was examined on Tuesday morning at the Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich. An MRI revealed a fracture of the right tibia force (as occurs with a direct blow), a sudden tensile force (as occurs with hyperflexion of the knee), or a combination of these. Various fracture patterns result, depending on the mechanism of injury. The most common patterns are often described as .

Kobe Bryant went down with a Knee Fracture against the Memphis Grizzlies and was on the shelf once again. Unfortunately, Bryant's recovery process from the knee injury hasn't been as quick as Lakers Injury News: Steve Nash could return to the floor on KARACHI: Pakistan’s Test fast bowler Junaid Khan has suffered another setback after being diagnosed with a “grade-3 osteochondral” fracture in his knee which will keep him sidelined from cricket for more time. Left-armer Junaid had already been ruled Dr. Deimel specializes in sports medicine for adults and children. He provides a full range of care including fracture/trauma care and general orthopaedics with a special interest in soft tissue problems of the hip, knee and shoulder. Deaver, who said he plans to begin graduate school in the spring semester, missed the 2012 season following surgeries for a torn left ACL, thumb fracture and left patella fracture. .

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Lateral Tibial Plateau
Lateral Tibial Plateau Fracture

Avulsion Fracture Knee
Avulsion Fracture Knee
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