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Ultrasound is a safe and accurate alternative to X-ray for detecting metaphyseal forearm Fractures In Children, say researchers. Although an individual X-ray involves exposure to a fairly low dose of radiation, there is still concern about how harmful such As a result, researchers saw swollen fingers, blisters and skin ulcers. Sometimes children experienced pain far from the site of the fracture because incorrect splinting had put pressure on nerves. In half the cases, the splints were the wrong size It turns out that strengthening bone to avoid fractures starts at a very young age. Physical activity, such as the exercise children get in school gym classes, is important for fighting obesity, but the latest research suggests it may help to keep bones Ibuprofen is better at relieving fracture pain in children compared to morphine. The findings of a randomized trial published Oct. 27 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal show that although both drugs yielded positive results in easing pain linked "One major challenge in the field of child maltreatment is determining the frequency with which maltreatment of children occurs," Dr. John M. Leventhal and colleagues from Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, write. The researchers A new study has shown that children may benefit from ibuprofen when they have broken bones. If a child is experiencing a broken bone or a fracture, they are better off being treated with ibuprofen than with oral morphine. These findings are significant .

“Given that morphine is associated with significantly more adverse effects, we conclude that ibuprofen remains a safe and effective therapy for outpatient management of children’s fracture pain,” the authors wrote. “We hope that our results will According to pediatric physician, Dr. Greene, ankle Fractures In Children may initially be mistaken sprains due to their similarities. With similar mechanisms for injury, a child's ankle injury has a higher incidence of fractures than an adult. Children The results of a randomized trial published in the CMAJ suggest that ibuprofen is preferable to morphine as a pain reliever for children with broken limbs. Although both drugs provide effective pain relief, ibuprofen is associated with less severe side Key clinical point: Bone health promotion in children should encourage physical activity in girls and optimization of calcium intake in boys. Data source: A prospective evaluation of 76 African American children with a forearm fracture and 74 age-matched .

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abrasion is the scraping off of the first or second layer of skin.
abrasion is the scraping off of the first or second layer of skin.
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