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Bone cement implantation syndrome (BCIS) is characterised by hypoxia, hypotension, and loss of consciousness occurring around the time of bone cementation. Using a recently proposed severity classification of BCIS, these authors estimated the incidence of The AUC ROC of lumbar spine T-score and femoral neck T-score were 0.660 (CI 95%; 0.611-0.708) and 0.707 (CI 95%; 0.664-0.751) respectively. Conclusion: In asymptomatic post-menopausal women, the FRAX risk for major fracture without BMD had a better An anterior-posterior x-ray of the pelvis should be obtained to rule out an ipsilateral femoral neck fracture. A mid-shaft femur fracture in a high-energy trauma victim should prompt a careful search for an ipsilateral fracture of the femoral neck TAMPA, Fla. — Research presented here from a prospective trauma database showed femoral neck shortening of at least 5 mm following internal fixation in 54% of patients aged 60 years or younger. “A majority of our cases did experience early shortening ABSTRACT Stress fractures are a common overuse problem among military trainees resulting in preventable morbidity, prolonged training, and long-term disability following military service. Femoral neck stress fractures (FNSFs) account for 2% of all stress JBJS Case Connector, an online case report journal published by the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, has issued a "Watch" regarding femoral neck fractures in patients whose implants used modular head-neck and neck-stem designs. While some of these .

Of 1,199 men with DM, 32 experienced a hip fracture and 133 a nonspine fracture during an average follow-up of 7.5 years. The researchers found that femoral neck (segment of bone connecting the head of the femur and the shaft) BMD T score and FRAX score 1) THA produced better hip function than ORIF at all time-points as indicated by higher Harris Hip Scores. 2) Patients in the ORIF group experience complications earlier and required a major reoperation more frequently than THA patients. .

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fractures prophylactic nailing of impending pathologic fractures

Labels: PCL week 9 , Surgery
Labels: PCL week 9 , Surgery
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