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Last year Orangeburg County was the location chosen for the movie Fractured Minds. Now that movie is on the big screen and it looks like it is sure to please its audiences that love scary flicks. The entire film was shot in Orangeburg county, primarily in A documentary about the various — and entertainingly outrageous — interpretations of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining; directed by Rodney Ascher Here are some theories about the film Room 237, which presents a number of theories about what Stanley There are a few loose ends, but questions of logic have a way of receding in a film in which the bad man can be seen reflected in a pool of his victim’s blood. “Fracture” isn’t a movie about ideas; it’s about slick surfaces and suggestive He’s betrayed them all. It’s gratifying to see her stand firm when faced with him. The fractured house: Nice use of a symbolic title on this one. We’ve got the rift between Fitz and Simmons, the rift in the Ward family, the rift between Morse and After playing at last year’s Screamfest Film Festival the States as Fractured on April 11, through Seven Arts Entertainment’s new genre label, Dark Arts. We now have the official trailer for the film starring Callum Blue, Vinnie Jones (Midnight “Kajol has fractured her foot and is on a cast. All the work commitments has been pushed till she feels fine,” her spokesperson told Pinkvilla. The actress was going to make her comeback with the Hindi adaptation of Malyalam movie “How Old Are You .

According to Renae Geerlings, in the current state of the economy and entertainment business, your best investment is yourself. That’s why she and husband Tyler Mane wrote and produced “Compound Fracture” themselves, and have been personally touring Horror movie fans will get a scream with a one-night-only movie event when Tyler Mane's "Compound Fracture" tour comes to Royal Oak's Main Art Theatre at 8 p.m. today June 27. Mane, who played Michael Myers in the original "Halloween" movie, collaborated Apparently, the actress 'suffered a hairline fracture while filming for the climax episode' of the period drama and shot for around 10 days through intense pain, while refusing a body double. The film's unit was shooting for an elaborate war sequence at a Ted Crawford: "Even a broken clock is right twice a day". The movie is about a man who discovers that his beautiful younger wife, Jennifer, is having an affair, he plans her murder--the perfect murder. Among the cops arriving at the crime scene is hostage .

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