Ankle Fracture Types

Displaced fracture- bone ends are out of normal
Displaced fracture- bone ends are out of normal alignment

In a recent blog post titled, "Dr. Straus Featured as Expert on Ankle Stress Fractures in D Magazine," the Dallas orthopaedic be done to minimize and recover from them, runners of all types should be able to enjoy more activity with fewer injuries. Stress fractures are a unique type of injury that occurs when the bones are overworked. The lower extremity, and specifically the foot and ankle region, accounts for the majority of stress fractures. In fact, 80% of these fractures occur in the tibia They are widely used in basketball, where ankle injuries are the most common type of injury Of the 740 players randomly assigned to wear lace-up ankle braces, 27 suffered an ankle sprain or fracture over one basketball season. In contrast, there Wrist or ankle fractures did not in themselves shorten life "For people over 75, the risk of having a subsequent fracture is the same, no matter what the initial fracture type. This is important to know, because the second fracture could be a hip As far as injury type, stress fractures by far most commonly 31 percent of players who suffered a foot stress fracture had future complications, from ankle sprains to foot soreness. Future stress fractures were the most common injury to occur, but The Ortholoc system uses a series of plates and instruments to match implants with patient anatomy and the type of ankle fracture being treated through surgery. Wright Medical estimates more than 170,000 ankle fractures are treated through surgery annually. .


Another Picture of Ankle Fracture Types :

Hap with antibiotics packed in at osteotomy sites and gaps
Hap with antibiotics packed in at osteotomy sites and gaps proximally

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