Butterfly Fracture

Nature Break. (I got this on my camera phone the other day.)-farm4.staticflickr.com
Nature Break. (I got this on my camera phone the other day.)

What do these radiographs show? Radiographs document a comminuted displaced ulnar fracture with butterfly fragments, and a segmental radius fracture with a non-displaced proximal fracture and a distal displaced fracture. After her breakthrough in last fall's state meet, stress fractures were discovered in her back Schoenauer, 11th (26.04); 100 butterfly: Wesolowski, seventh (1:03.62), and Hadland, eighth (1:04.24); 500 free: Meghan Gundrum, 13th (5:58.64), and Kristina Older adults prescribed a drug for an underactive thyroid should be regularly monitored to ensure they aren't taking too high a dose that can put them at an increased risk for hip and other fractures secreted by the butterfly-shaped thyroid gland Zadora's hubby, Mike Jeffries, tolds the Las Vegas Sun the singer-actress suffered a head injury and a compound ankle fracture in the accident In “Santa Claus Conquers the Marians” and “Butterfly” later turned to singing. 7 A transverse fracture of the femoral shaft with a butterfly fragment has been attributed to the forces of axial loading and bending with a high-impact energy. 8 Some reports have indicated the mechanism of ipsilateral femoral shaft and neck fracture is a Whitney had a special talent for swimming but at 14 she developed neck and back pains, and was diagnosed with stress fractures in her spine. Despite the injuries she went to the 1996 Olympic trials top-ranked in the US for the butterfly but she found it .

Ellie had had an injured eye and a shattered, painful forelimb fracture. When I saw her and suggested an Sam on his walks or romping through the woods, a flitting blonde butterfly. When Sam was out jogging alone, a woman who knew Beau approached People with an underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism, are usually prescribed levothyroxine, a synthetic form of the hormone thyroxine that's naturally secreted by the butterfly-shaped which can increase the risk of fractures, particularly in older Ryan Cochrane with teammates Katarine Savard, left, and Martha McCabe Martha McCabe [photo after suffering “a small stress fracture on her clavicle”. The injury will affect her training for “several weeks”. A statement from Swimming Canada A LARGE fire which is thought to have been started intentionally has threatened a rare butterfly and destroyed part of a protected Drinking large amounts of milk may not lower the risk of bone fractures, a study in the British Medical Journal suggests. .

Another Picture of Butterfly Fracture :

opened my purse and gingerly brought out the butterfly, still intact -2.bp.blogspot.com
opened my purse and gingerly brought out the butterfly, still intact

Stories for My Grandchildren
Stories for My Grandchildren
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